Care & Instruction Support

    • Pure water by itself doesn't damage pure silver, but most of the water that we use in our daily lives is not purified. Chemicals and contaminants in the water can result in tarnished and dull-looking silver, so it's best  to not get your silver jewellery wet. If it does get wet, wipe with a soft dry cloth as soon as you can. 
    • Avoid taking it to the gym, shower, swimming pools. 
    • Keep your silver jewellery away from perfumes and makeup.  Chemicals in lotions and perfumes can also cause your jewelry to tarnish. Apply them first, let them dry, and then put your jewelry on. This alone can make a HUGE difference in your silver's luster. 
    • Air exposure can wreak havoc by tarnishing your delicate silver. Don't just leave it lying on your nightstand or in an open jewelry chest. And, don't just leave it in your purse or drawer!  
    • Keep your jewellery in a dark/ cool place and avoid places like the bathroom that have a lot of moisture. Do not store them in leather or velvet pouches.
    • Always try to clean your jewellery before storing it.  Store your jewellery in re-sealable plastic pouches/ zip locks or soft cotton pouch. 
    • Store each item individually to avoid scratches, especially if the silver comes with gold polish/ plating.